Sack it to me

Sony has recently registered two separate trademarks in the UK under the name LBP. The first is described as an "electronic games service provided by means of the Internet", which suggests that it likely has something to do with LittleBigPlanet HUB. The second, however, is listed as "computer game software", but curiously also features a separate description of physical playthings, including "bags and cases adapted or shaped to contain handheld electronic game devices".

We're utterly stumped as to what the second listing could be. Perhaps it's a reboot of the series for the PlayStation 4, or maybe a new line of Vita cases styled after the creative franchise's handheld outing. And if you want to be boring and realistic, it's entirely possible that it's just Sony taking precautionary measures to ensure that it retains ownership of the trademark. But if that's as far as your imagination is going to take you, we're willing to bet that you're probably not that interested in the do-it-yourself franchise anyway.

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In truth, we've absolutely no idea because, in typical LittleBigPlanet fashion, the possibilities are terrifyingly endless. But whatever this turns out to be, we've got our fingers firmly crossed that Stephen Fry will be narrating it. What do you make of these recent discoveries? Would you be interested in a LittleBigPlanet game on your next-gen system? Wildly speculate in the comments section below.