Witch and the Hundred Knight 21

We've heard plenty about the premise of the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive RPG The Witch and the Hundred Knight, but if we are to be swooned over to join the Witch's side, we'll need some gameplay to sweeten the deal. Thankfully, this new footage shows the Witch's shadowy servant – The Hundred Knight – battling foes in a dungeon. It looks like his weapon isn't just for show, either, with it also being used to flick switches.

The legendary Hundred Knight finds himself venturing through varied locations for the swamp witch Metallia. Not reading the small print, he signs a contract with the conjurer to help spread her swamp in any way that she commands, be it by destroying pillars, wreaking indiscriminate havoc, and maybe even helping out with the shopping – her wish is his command. Do you think that the hero of this tale got a raw deal, or is a bit of chaos the spice of life? Write on the dotted line in the comments section below.