PlayStation Vita

Even PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara admits that the PlayStation Vita is not the company's "best seller", but despite this the struggling handheld is still managing to keep its nose in front of the Nintendo Wii U in the UK. New figures from Chart-Track suggest that the portable platform managed to outsell the House of Mario's flagship home console throughout 2013 – despite adoption of the pocketable device declining by a whopping 41 per cent year-over-year.

However, the charts posted by don't quite tally with comments made elsewhere. Late last week, an MCV report suggested that the PlayStation 4 had pulled ahead of the Xbox 360 in total sales towards the very tail of the year – but this new article indicates the opposite, leaving us scratching our heads somewhat. Seeing as Chart-Track rarely discloses these figures publicly, we're probably going to have to wait for a clarification from either of the publications before we get the full picture.

Assuming that the figures are accurate, though, it'll prove a bittersweet victory for the Japanese giant's underappreciated handheld. While the platform holder itself admits that the console is "well loved" by those that own it, a dip in some already dismal sales is nothing to cheer about. As for Nintendo, well at least the 3DS continues to be the nation's most popular platform – even if we suspect that the massively popular PS4 will be competing for its crown in 2014.