DualShock Coal

The gaming industry would be boring if there weren’t teaser images or developer tweets to overanalyse. Take this harmless picture of a DualShock controller carved out of coal. It was posted to PlayStation Italy’s official Facebook page earlier today alongside a cryptic message and a 6th January date. Naturally, digital detectives are already trying to decipher its true meaning.

Some argue that it’s hinting at some form of Naughty Dog announcement. According to the editors over at DualShockers, the accompanying quote ‘Siamo stati cattivi e ne siamo fieri’ translates to ‘We’ve been naughty, and we’re proud’. Others argue that it actually reads ‘We’ve been bad, and we’re proud’.

The exact translation may be pointless anyway, as one NeoGAF poster points out that 6th January happens to be a holiday in the Home of the Pizza, whereby ‘Befana’ – purportedly an old witch – visits children and brings them gifts or coal depending on their behaviour. That sort of explains the controller.

It would also evidence why only the Italian PlayStation Facebook page appears to be promoting the supposedly super-duper announcement. We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that this is nothing, but you’re welcome to avoid our advice and freak out in the comments section if you please. It’s a (predominantly) free planet, after all.

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