Romeo & Juliet

Family may have torn star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet apart in ol’ Bill Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, but its bloodlust that separates the pair in Quinrose’s bizarre PlayStation Portable-based otome adventure. The sequel to last year’s romance-‘em-up Romeo vs. Juliet, the upcoming Romeo & Juliet casts the legendary characters as vampire and hunter.

The sequel – which is set once again in the fair city of Verona – begins with an uneasy truce between the Montagues and the Capulets. However, while the two households, alike in dignity but not in morality, rest easy, a crisis brews beneath the surface that threatens to drive a stake right into the hearts of love’s young dream. The big question is: will the pair bite the dust? You’ll be able to find out on 27th March, when the curious retelling promises to stand on the balcony of Japanese store shelves.