Killzone: Shadow Fall

Japan’s tolerance for first-person shooters may have increased, but the region has never been particularly accepting of the Killzone franchise. Sony understands that, opting to hold back the PlayStation 4’s launch in its home nation in order to deploy alongside heavy-hitters such as Yakuza Ishin rather than Guerrilla Games’ latest action romp.

Still, that’s not stopping the platform holder from backing Killzone: Shadow Fall hard in the Land of the Rising Sun. As it counts down to its newest console’s 22nd February release in the region, it’s announced that the divisive escapade will come with a number of exclusive OWL skins tailored for the territory. These will apparently be based on various popular properties, though the firm hasn’t announced which.

Alright, it’s not going to get the country to care about the Helghast’s plight overnight, but it’s a start – especially if it’s picked the right partners. What type of drone designs would you like to see make it into the game? Personally, we’d import a second copy if Sony somehow managed to offer an Optimus Prime overlay for our robotic right-hand man.