EA Games may be spending this year in the clubhouse while it finds another big name to brand its next PGA Tour title with, but that’s not stopping Canadian company HB Studios from having a crack at the tricky genre. The developer quietly announced The Golf Club for the PlayStation 4 this week, and it sounds like a solid alternative if you know your woods from your wedges.

Unlike the abovementioned giant’s series, the title will boast a complete Course Creator that will allow you to build the next best thing to The Belfry with a DualShock 4. You’ll be able to make your construction as simple or complex as you like, with sliders allowing you to alter foliage density, hazards, and more. In other words, you won’t need a degree in landscape architecture to get started.

Much like other do-it-yourself releases such as LittleBigPlanet, the game will be heavily social to boot. For example, you’ll be able to upload and share any of your creations with other players, and all of your shots will be stored in the cloud, meaning that you’ll have the option to “compete” against friends and strangers who may not even be online at the same time.

There’s a demonstration of the title’s Course Creator and gameplay embedded below. The studio’s aiming for a Spring 2014 release, though we can’t help but feel that it’s got a lot of work left to do if it wants to hit that window. Don’t get us wrong, the title’s showing plenty of promise – but there are some nasty frame-rate and pop-in issues noticeable in this footage. Hopefully the outfit can clear them up, however, as this may prove your only chance to hit the links on your PS4 for a while.

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