"Fancy a Bloody Mary?"

Sony’s former flagship format is far from being obsolete, with titles such as Dark Souls II and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on the way to the PlayStation 3. One other game that’s preventing us from putting away our current-gen console is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, which is set to sink its teeth into the Japanese giant’s evergreen hardware soon. But could it glug a glass of blood on the platform holder’s next-gen system, too?

Spanish studio MercurySteam is remaining coy, but it has hinted that the PC iteration of the release is comparable to a PlayStation 4 title. “The limitations of the [PS3], we can push that back,” he said of the port, as part of a wider interview with GameSpot. “We designed the game engine for next-gen in mind. We knew that this would be the last game that we did on current-gen, so in many ways the PC version is almost like a test run for us.”

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With developers such as Crystal Dynamics bringing re-releases like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition to the new console, an upgraded version of Gabriel Belmont's bloodthirsty escapade certainly seems possible. After all, the PS4's super simplistic PC architecture means that a conversion probably wouldn’t trouble publisher Konami too much. For now, though, the title’s only confirmed for computers and current-gen consoles – but there was a time when spin-off Mirror of Fate was a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, too.

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