Looks Familiar

Has the hype behind Game Informer's latest cover been worth it? Well, only you can decide that, but the title in question sounds somewhat promising at least. Built upon co-op multiplayer, Evolve is a shooter developed by studio Turtle Rock, and is being published by 2K Games. The title was one of the new IPs up for auction after publisher THQ was sadly closed.

The idea of blasting ugly aliens in the face with space-guns may not sound all that interesting or original, but Evolve's twist on the concept comes from the fact that the creature in question will be controller by another player, as you and your co-op buddies struggle to destroy it. Not only that, but the alien menace will also evolve into a more terrifying beast over matches - better kill it quick, then. Still, it'll be intriguing to see how the release will be balanced, as a four versus one battle seems a little unfair.

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What are your initial thoughts on the next-gen shooter? Are you already gathering fellow alien hunters? Commence the hype in the comments section below.

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