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It's the eternal struggle. You buy an expensive new console, take it home, carefully unbox it, and then you're suddenly hit with the uncontrollable urge to take it apart just to see what its insides look like. Unfortunately, you quickly remember that you've just dropped a truckload of cash on the shiny black box, so immediately dismantling it would probably be a considerable tactical error.

The mechanically minded among you can now rejoice, though, as Reddit user Jackatakk333 has recently posted an intriguing X-ray image of the PlayStation 4's controller. It may not be the full console, but it should hopefully tide you over until nabbing a replacement system isn't such an expensive proposition.

Amusingly, the user initially identified the subject of the picture as a PlayStation 3 controller. However, there's one significant reason that we're certain that this is a next-gen gamepad: the battery's much too small for it to be a DualShock 3. Does this photo quench your thirst for mechanical mayhem? Will your DualShock 4 be staying in one piece now? Swipe the touchpad in the comments section below.

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