Before we start this article, we'd just like to take a minute of silence to express solidarity for our long suffering compatriots in The Land of the Rising Sun. First they learned that they wouldn't be getting Sony's next-gen marvel until February, then they were subject to a TV commercial that seemed solely designed to rub their noses in the fact, and then, to top it all off, it was revealed that they were, in fact, initially first in line to get the console. It couldn't possibly get any worse than that, could it?

Apparently it could, as we've recently learned that hotly anticipated racing sim DriveClub won't be ready in time for the region's extremely belated launch of the PlayStation 4. Japanese website Inside Games reports that the racer has been delayed due to "various circumstances". It's a vague excuse, to be sure, and one that conjures up the frightening thought that the game may not even be ready in time for its rumoured Western release in late February. We're sure that the Japanese giant is well aware that, at this point, another delay may actually incite a riot, so for its sake, let's just hope that this is only a minor stall.

What do you make of this unexpected delay? Are you concerned that this news may not bode well for the title's Western launch? Rev your engines in the comments section below.

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