Drakengard 3

It’s not always easy being a fan of niche Japanese games. Often you’ll be forced to promote pathetic online petitions in order to plead to publishers for a localisation, and that’s if your favourite franchise even secures a sequel at all. Drakengard followers may have been jubilant over the recent news that the third instalment in the series is set to soar overseas – but there’s always a dragon-sized downer waiting in the wings.

In this case it pertains to a hypothetical PlayStation 4 sequel, which series director Yoko Taro has admitted that he doesn't have enough cash to make. “Thank you for your message,” said the polite producer in response to a question regarding the next entry in the legendary series. “I hope to make [a follow-up] for the PS4, but I can’t have enough money for development.”

Ordinarily, this is where studios would take to Kickstarter, but Taro points out that there’s no hope of that as Drakengard is a Square Enix property. As our friends over at Joystiq point out, the only other way to enable the franchise’s budget to be re-evaluated is by purchasing the Western version when it flocks onto store shelves later this year. The fate of one Japanese developer’s future is in your hands.

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