Alien: Isolation

Are those the cogs of the press cycle being kicked back into gear, or are we being pursued by a great leathery Martian? We’re going to assume it’s the latter, as SEGA has decided to give the ol’ Ridley Scott thing another bash, confirming that Total War developer Creative Assembly is working on Alien: Isolation for the PlayStation 3 and, of course, PlayStation 4.

The macabre sequel sees you assume the role of Amanda, the daughter of Ellen Ripley. Taking a little inspiration from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the survival horror escapade will see you stalked by a lone Xenomorph as you search a remote trading station named the Sevastopol in search of a flight recorder from the abovementioned heroine’s ship.

The first trailer certainly looks promising, but given what happened to Aliens: Colonial Marines, we recommend tempering your expectations just a touch until the publisher opts to show more. Are you in the market for another intergalactic fright-fest, or has Gearbox’s shoddy shooter soured you on this series entirely? Avoid us in the comments section below.