Crash Bandicoot: Crystal's Wrath

If the rampant speculation that Sony had reacquired the dormant Crash Bandicoot franchise earlier in the year got your hopes up, then we can only apologise. For a split-second, the stars seemed to align, and we genuinely believed that the mascot had come home. Then, of course, Activision spat in our Wumpa pudding, and made us gobble up every last crumb of saliva coated sponge.

While the publisher continues to “explore” new ways to resurrect the furry hero, though, you may be interested in this fan project. Unimaginatively dubbed Crash Bandicoot: Crystal’s Wrath, the PC title’s being created by a group of amateur game developers who simply have a fondness for Naughty Dog’s classic PSone platformers.

According to the team’s official Tumblr blog, the independent adventure’s set to spin online sometime later this year. Considering its non-existent development budget, we reckon that the sample level embedded below looks solid. And, honestly, even if it sucks, it’s probably the best that you’re going to get.