If your PlayStation Vita’s feeling the clout of the New Year drought, then salvation is at hand – and it doesn’t come in a Red Bull branded can. British indie developer Roll7 has confirmed that its outrageously addictive skateboarding smash OlliOlli is set to faceplant onto Sony’s flagship handheld format later this month. You’ll be able to grind with the exclusive from 21st January in North America and 22nd January in Europe.

For those out of the loop, the sidescrolling airwalker sees you linking tricks in order to attain outrageous scores. Its main gameplay innovation is that you have to manually land all of your moves by pushing a button, adding a tactical layer to the Tony Hawk-esque action. The full title will feature a sizeable campaign, as well as a slew of smaller challenges, and a Daily Grind mode which presents you with a different trick hot spot to master every day. The twist in the latter is that you only get one chance to top the leaderboards.

There’s no word on a price just yet, but we have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to be pretty low. We actually got some hands-on time with this late last year, and it definitely nails that ‘one more go’ mentality. The quick restarts make it easy to keep retrying until you nail a perfect run, while the endearing 8-bit visuals actually imbue the title’s low-budget presentation with a lot of personality. Are you flipping out over the game's imminent release, or are you planning to bail until you read our review? Spin around in the comments section below.

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