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Sony scored a massive win at last year's E3 by announcing that no form of DRM would be implemented in games on the PS4. As you may recall, the company upheld the rights of consumers to resell physical software, resulting in rapturous applause. However, a recent job listing posted to the platform holder's site suggests that a DRM solution could be coming to all three of the manufacturer's main formats' multimedia apps.

While it's not clear which services this will affect – or how it will even work – it's likely that popular on-demand platforms such as Netflix may be the driving force behind the added protection. This is merely a speculative theory, but one that may make sense in light of the looming removal of HDCP from the firm's new system, as a Tweet from Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida recently hinted at.

Of course, many will welcome the elimination of the irritating video capture restrictions, but it appears that Sony will be taking the logical steps in providing enhanced security for its multimedia partners. While we wait for more information, it's probably best not to panic about this – after all, we're sure that the Japanese giant has the sense to not follow in its closest competitor's suicidal slipstream.

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