Kitted out

LittleBigPlanet 2 is almost three years old now, but that’s not stopping Sony from continuing to support the do-it-yourself game making platform with plenty of expansion packs. The latest add-on is a real humdinger, too, fusing the serenity of the Omniverse with the dastardly exploits of the DC Universe. In addition to a bunch of familiar outfits, the platform holder’s produced a brand new Premium Level Kit that will see you joining forces with the Justice League in order to put a stop to Lex Luthor’s evil plans.

As well as several fresh stages, pins, and PlayStation Network Trophies, the DLC will come with a bunch of new abilities for you to implement into your own constructions. For starters, the ‘Hero Cape’ will augment your Sackthings with the skill to glide over long distances, while the new ‘Wall Jump Surface Material’ will allow you to create tough platforming arenas that would make even the Prince of Persia proud.

Finally, the Memoriser is making the leap from LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, allowing you to store logic so that players can leave your levels and return without their progress being lost. In essence, the firm has easily added another couple of years of life to the exclusive. You’ll be able to buy the pack individually or as part of a Season Pass, which will include an additional PlayStation Vita expansion and four costume bundles. The PlayStation 3-based Level Kit is due out this week, with its handheld counterpart set to follow in the New Year.

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