Trophies are a curious part of the PlayStation experience. As much as we enjoy the thrill of unlocking a brand new trinket, they can sometimes feel a little bit like hard work. One person who’s transformed the grind into a day job is Hakoom, the world’s leading pursuer of small PNG pictures. And he’s just hit another monumental milestone.

With an outrageous cabinet containing 30,802 of the digital rewards, the Platinum chasing powerhouse is the first person in the world to reach Level 100 on the PlayStation Network – and it’s the second time that he’s hit the cap. A few years back, the DualShock deity was the first to reach Level 50, prompting platform holder Sony to double the top attainable tier.

Posting on NeoGAF, the humble hunter stressed that he doesn’t intend to give up his pursuit for PlayStation prominence despite crossing the impressive target. “I will keep getting Trophies,” he explained on the popular message board. “I hope that Sony will open the cap again soon.” Sounds like he’s hungry to hit Level 200, doesn’t it?

Fancy some statistics? Hakoom has earned 611 Platinum Trophies to date, with particularly challenging titles including Max Payne 3, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and WipEout HD. He earns an average of 15.5 Trophies per day, and has a completion mean of 83 per cent across his astonishing 1,016 games. Can you compete with these figures? Find 5,000 feathers in the comments section below.

[source hakoom.net]