They beat us to the PUN-ch!

According to a recent IGN article, PlayStation Network brawler Guacamelee will be coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime in Spring 2014. The report, which has since been removed, revealed that the re-release will feature two new worlds, improved visuals, and added particle effects. Most exciting of all, though, is the addition of a new "chicken bomb" ability. We can't begin to imagine the boardroom meeting that spawned that concept.

This story must still be taken with a hefty spoon of salt, as Polygon reached out to the game's developer Drinkbox Studios in regards to the speculation, and the Canadian studio responded by asking, "What's Guacamelee?" We don't have a 'Best PR Team' award here at Push Square, but after that hilarious gem, we can safely say that if it existed, it would definitely go to Drinkbox. What do you make of these tasty rumours? Would you be interested in a next-gen version of the popular beat-'em-up? Have a fiesta in the comments section below.