The one that you want

At this point, Sony’s next generation system is stomping the Xbox One for fun. Not content with outselling Microsoft’s machine in the November NPDs, the PlayStation 4 has also come out on top in a British retail website study. According to, the Japanese giant’s latest device commanded a much greater proportion of traffic on online outlets such as GAME, Tesco, and Argos.

While the system’s lead was small on the abovementioned sites, it almost doubled its competitor’s numbers at Zavvi and Asda. It’s worth noting that the percentages for both platforms are lower at the supermarkets due to consoles having to compete with a much greater number of products. Yes, toothpaste does garner more traffic than cutting-edge hardware at Tesco.

PS4 – 12%
Xbox One – 11%

PS4 – 8.6%
Xbox One – 3.2%

PS4 – 1.2%
Xbox One – 0.9%

PS4 – 0.3%
Xbox One – 0.2%

PS4 – 1.1%
Xbox One – 0.6%