Behind bars

There’s more cheesy rock music in this brand new trailer for Japanese PlayStation 4 launch title Yakuza Ishin than you could shake a samurai sword at. The lengthy cinematic clip – which splices together copious cut-scenes from the full game – shows various series favourites in their alternate history roles. That isn’t seasoned star Kazuma Kiryu playing the lead – it’s actually legendary real-life warrior Ryoma Sakamoto.

The main track is provided by J-Rock heroes ONE OK ROCK, who also happened to supply the theme song for the popular anime Black Rock Shooter. Even though it doesn’t fit the setting at all, producer Toshihiro Nagoshi and crew have a penchant for concocting trailers that coax us into wanting to punch the air. If there’s any justice in the world at all, Sony’s new localisation division will ensure that this (and Yakuza 5) makes its way onto Western shores.