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There are a lot of games coming out next year. A lot. What’s more, a chunk of those titles look incredible, as many developers turn their attention towards that sweet, sweet next generation hardware. In order to get you in the mood for the next 12 months of delicious PlayStation 4 gaming, we’ve compiled a list of five titles that look set to impress the most in 2014.

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Renowned developer Bungie has a knack for revolutionising the games industry whenever it deploys something new. Way back in the day, Marathon was the inaugural first-person shooter to implement mouse-based free look, while Halo reinvigorated the very concept of the genre on consoles, happening upon a radical control scheme. It goes without saying, then, that we can expect great things from the developer’s MMO-esque first-person shooter Destiny. The studio’s been gradually dishing out tidbits regarding the release over the past few months, but we expect it to really open the floodgates in the New Year ahead of the title’s 9th September launch.

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inFAMOUS: Second Son

If there’s one game that comes to mind when people talk about the PS4’s upcoming lineup, it's inFAMOUS: Second Son. The next game in Sucker Punch’s superhero series has been shown off at several gaming events now, and its luscious visuals have gotten the industry in a bit of a lather. Despite the sequel’s impending 21st March release date, we’ve still only seen a couple of Delsin Rowe’s main abilities, so you can expect this to consume the headlines like former front man Cole MacGrath in a power plant once the New Year gets underway.

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Though we know relatively little about Spanish developer Tequila Works’ latest title, Rime’s debut trailer proved one of the highlights of Sony’s GamesCom presentation. The video hinted at an adventure with a delicious art direction inspired by seminal PlayStation classics such as ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Despite its reveal several months ago, we still don’t actually know a whole lot about the release, but we’re anticipating more information in the coming months. Nevertheless, what little we have seen is enough to earn the exploratory excursion a place on this list.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division

Ubisoft Massive’s online third-person shooter blindsided everyone at E3 earlier in the year, leaving the gaming industry in a bit of a tizzy. With a seven minute live demo, Tom Clancy’s The Division really came out all guns blazing. Since then, we’ve seen a couple of additional trailers, and the title looks better each and every time. It’s the fusion of gunplay with role-playing elements and MMO-esque connectivity that has us most excited, though, and we can’t wait for its late 2014 release as a result.

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Watch Dogs

While it was heart-breaking when Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs had been pushed out of the PS4’s launch lineup about a month before it was set to premiere, the publisher insists that the move was for the good of the product. An open world game built around a hacking mechanic, the title is set in a near future, fictional Chicago. It’s going to be a challenge for the French company to rebuild the hype that the release had heading into its intended launch date, but if the final product even captures a sliver of what the firm’s promised, then we reckon that this is going to prove a real treat when it taps into your console in Spring 2014.

While we’ve only detailed five of the great games expected to release on the PlayStation 4 in 2014, there’s plenty more to look forward to over the coming months. The big question is: what’s got you a little hot under the collar? Let us know in the comments section and poll below.

Which PS4 game are you most looking forward to in 2014? (92 votes)

  1. Destiny11%
  2. DriveClub4%
  3. inFAMOUS: Second Son29%
  4. Rime3%
  5. The Crew2%
  6. The Order: 188615%
  7. Tom Clancy’s The Division13%
  8. Watch Dogs13%
  9. Other9%

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