Dying Light

This year's VGX Awards was, by most accounts, pretty atrocious. There were a few neat little game reveals, but for the most part, the show was full of Spike TV's signature brand of histrionic nonsense. One of the more interesting segments, however, was a live gameplay demo of the PlayStation 4 version of Dying Light. If you can bear the insufferable duo of Joel McHale and Geoff Keighley, you'll be treated to some deliciously gory daytime gameplay, as well as some nifty parkour. All things considered, it's probably best to just watch this one on mute.

And before we go inciting the next resolution-gate, an eager Techland employee was on hand to assure us that the next-gen version will run at a crisp 1080p. Phew. Are you looking forward to the survival horror title, or do you think that it looks Tech-bland? Suffer the wrath of the living dead in the comments section below.

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