We hope that you weren’t counting on the PlayStation 4 iteration of Awesomenauts to infuse your holiday with a spot of eighties action, as Ronimo Games has admitted that there is very little chance of the side-scrolling MOBA deploying this side of Christmas. According to the developer, the team handling the port, Abstraction Games, has submitted the title to Sony several times, but is still waiting for approval.

For those out of the loop, the ace cartoon parody sees you competing in six-player battles, levelling up your character, and preventing enemies from infiltrating your base. It also allows you to play as a French frog, which serves as justification for its over-the-top title. Are you itching to dive-bomb the online excursion with a DualShock 4 in hand, or are you happy to stick with its current-gen counterpart? Shower us with smooth moves in the comments section below.

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