Used Games

Sony would look like the biggest hypocrites since Arthur Dimmesdale [Apologies for the specific literary reference - Ed] if it reversed its policies on PlayStation 4 used games after that E3 performance – but an updated Sony Entertainment Network document prompted plenty of concern in some circles earlier this week. A clause in the Terms of Service stressed that “you must not re-sell either disc-based software or software downloads” – but, of course, this kind of warning has existed on the back of game boxes since the beginning of time, and has never stopped anyone from swapping their wares before.

"As Sony Computer Entertainment announced at E3, consumers will be able to sell or share their PS4 disc products,” a representative told when pressed for comment. Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida also reiterated on Twitter that you’ll be safe to trade your games. "If you are concerned about our new European Terms of Service, we can confirm that you are able to sell or share your disc PS4 products, including in EU,” he stressed.

The platform holder’s ability to respond to big questions like this quickly has been one of its strengths this year. While its competitor allowed its Xbox One DRM plans to fester – eventually leading to a massive policy reversal – Sony has been relatively swift to get on top of these types of rumours and clear them up over the past ten or so months. We’re not entirely sure why companies include statements like the above in their Terms of Service when they don’t ever intend to enforce them, but then, we’re not lawyers. All’s well that ends well, at least.

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