Standing room only

You may have heard people refer to Europe as ‘Sony Land’ in the past, but what does that actually mean? Well, this video of a PlayStation 4 midnight launch event in Berlin should give you a good idea, as it takes one amateur cameraman almost four minutes to sprint from the back of the line to the front. It’s the kind of clip that Xbox executives must be having nightmares about.

It’s not clear whether all of the customers in the German capital managed to secure a console, but we’re starting to get the impression that the Japanese giant both shipped and sold an unprecedented number of units overnight. Speculation suggests that the firm is set to obliterate any hardware sales records in the UK – and we suspect that the story is much the same around Europe.

Were you a part of the epic embedded queue? Have you managed to nab a PS4 without a pre-order? Is this the biggest line that you’ve ever seen? Wrap up warm and assume your position in the comments section below.

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