Selling over 420,000 copies since its Japanese debut, Tecmo Koei's original demon-slaying property will be making its way to Europe in 2014, ready to carve up Sony's portable device on the 14th February.

With an art style that closely resembles some of the publisher's other franchises - namely Samurai Warriors - Toukiden: The Age of Demons certainly looks the part on the Vita's crisp display. The title tasks your custom-made character with thinning out the demonic hordes that have decimated mankind in a desperate bid for survival. It all sounds petty dark for a Tecmo Koei game, but we think that there's some good potential here for a hack and slash adventure laced with RPG elements. If you're interested in signing up to become a destroyer of evil, you can peruse the game's official European website through here.

Is this the type of typical Japanese action that your handheld been yearning for? Take the time to meticulously plan out your character's appearance in the comments section below.