“We like watching stuff blow up, it’s in human nature,” says lead programmer Harry Krueger in this brand new Resogun developer diary. “We’ve been able to tap into that exact part of the brain that feels satisfaction when you see things blowing up.” It’s true, too – we’ve not exactly been shy about our adoration for Housemarque’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, but it’s absolutely one of the most gratifying games currently announced for Sony's next generation system.

While this video doesn’t necessarily reveal anything new about the Finnish studio’s voxel-powered opus, it’s well worth a watch for a few precious seconds of slick in-game action. If that’s not enough to satiate your anticipation for the shooter, though, click through here for a glimpse at some of the title’s environments – and one of the insane explosions that Krueger's alluding to in the above quote. We cannot wait.