Don't toss it out yet

Sony doesn’t want you twiddling your thumbs while you stare at the dreaded ‘Blue Light of Death’, and so it’s committed to swapping faulty PlayStation 4 systems faster than The Road Runner from classic cartoon fame. Perhaps in an effort to subdue any mounting social network backlash, the company has confirmed that anyone unlucky enough to own a defective device can call an SCEA hotline and get a replacement sent out immediately with expedited shipping.

Despite this, the manufacturer maintains that failures currently sit at less than one per cent. Earlier in the month it suggested that defects were impacting 0.4 per cent of consoles, so it’s possible that this number may have increased slightly, but it’s still well in-line with most new consumer electronics. It seems that Sony has been stung by the mounting impact of Facebook and Twitter, as every single error is being put under a microscope right now.

It’s unclear whether the company will extend this goodwill to Europe, but hopefully the additional two weeks of manufacturing time will have enabled it to eradicate any lingering hardware mishaps. Have you had a problem with your PS4 yet? Are you scared that you’re going to fall foul to an error? Panic in the comments section below.

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