Killzone Sf

Changing the landscape of the gaming Internet in a matter of minutes, the PlayStation 4's launch line up is being judged today – and here we've provided several review scores for the eagerly anticipated Killzone: Shadow Fall. Early impressions are good, with the title managing to secure mostly high-end scores from major publications like IGN, Eurogamer, and Destructoid. The general consensus appears to be that the shooter is a beautiful and exciting romp, full of brilliant gunplay and some great mission design, while common complaints cover such things as poor enemy artificial intelligence, and some frustrating non-shooting sections. Take a look at the reviews that we've linked below, and be sure to check back soon to see our own take on Guerrilla Games' newest project.

IGN - 8/10

There’s never been a better time for everyone to be paying attention to the Killzone franchise, because Shadow Fall is a step in an all-new, very welcome direction.

Eurogamer - 7/10

There's a lack of confidence here that contrasts starkly with Guerrilla's dazzling, sure-footed command of the new hardware. It's a game that any new PlayStation 4 owner will be proud to show off - but it won't be one they remember by the time PS5 rolls around.

Destructoid - 9/10

I like Killzone: Shadow Fall for its change of direction from previous series games, as well as its change of pace over other first-person shooters. Guerrilla has tried a few new things this time around, and should be commended as such. I welcome the almost sandbox-ish level approach, and the stealth segments did a nice job of breaking up the standard shooting action. It’s really nice when gameplay concepts win out over big set pieces and cinematic events.

Polygon - 5/10

For all the next-gen bluster of its visuals and the repeated blunt-force attempts to ram a message home, Guerrilla’s first shot on the PS4 retreads shooter cliches, and poorly. In a launch lineup crowded with shooters, Killzone: Shadow Fall sits at the bottom.

Joystiq - 3.5/5

Killzone: Shadow Fall loses its sheen at times, usually when pursuing moments that are cinematic but not sensible. As a shooter, it's better at thriving on eye-catching environments and supportive combat abilities that don't just come for free. It also can't help but blow up its pristine cityscapes before you get to know them, but that just goes with the territory, here on the border between good and great.

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