Tearaway 2

Media Molecule has pulled the wrapping off PlayStation Vita exclusive Tearaway today – and with the vast majority of you lusting over the PlayStation 4, we figured that you may appreciate the reminder. The title sees you take control of a miniature messenger named Iota or Atoi, who’s tasked with transporting a top-secret note to, er, you.

Indeed, you assume the role of an omniscient deity, smiling down on the papercraft planet courtesy of the handheld’s front-facing camera, while also employing your daring digits to smite devilish creatures called Scraps using the rear touchpad. “This is a shining example of how unique hardware features should be handled,” beamed associate editor Robert Ramsey in our 9/10 review.

With such high praise, this is an adventure that we think that you’d be mad to miss out on – but have you remembered to scribble down a reminder to pick up the release on your shopping list? Cut out a comment in the space below – and don’t forget to share your first impressions if you’ve already unfolded the campaign's opening moments earlier today.