Tears in the rain

Japan may be psyching itself for a festive return to Spira, but the long overdue Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster will not deploy in Europe until 21st March. The PlayStation 3 remake – which was announced right around the time of the Ice Age – collates Square Enix’s popular PlayStation 2 role-playing games, and spruces them up with a coat of high-definition polish. To be fair, we’ve had some eyes-on time with this, and it does look stunning.

There’s no word on whether the PlayStation Vita version will make its way overseas, but given the publisher’s silence, we’re going to assume that it’s off the agenda for now. If March seems like an eternity away, then you can check out some extended gameplay footage courtesy of the video embedded below. Whining characters aside, it does look good, doesn’t it?