Fallout 4

Steel yourself for a nuclear bomb, as it sounds like Bethesda is ready to pull the irradiated wrapping off the rumoured Fallout 4. A trademark registration for the unannounced release – which has been the source of copious speculation over the past twelve months – has just popped up on a European classifications website, pouring more fuel on the post-apocalyptic oil burner.

It’s common for companies to protect their properties in this way, but a teaser website for the hotly anticipated sequel also appeared last week. The page includes a countdown clock ticking ever closer towards 11th December. Normally, we’d say that this is a lock for the newly named VGX Awards, but that’s set to take place a few days earlier. Perhaps we’ll receive a teaser trailer during the ceremony, followed by a full unveiling a little later.

Whenever it gets revealed, you can pretty much count on this being a PS4 game. Way back at E3, Sony announced that it had that it signed a co-marketing partnership with Bethesda, meaning that there’s a chance that we could see some extra goodies in the PlayStation iteration of the game. To be honest, we’re just hopeful that it’ll actually run on Mark Cerny’s much more accessible machine.

[source esearch.oami.europa.eu, via vg247.com]