Hadouken Cabs weren’t messing around when they promised that their taxi service knocks the competition out. While last week’s teaser trailer for the fictional cab firm hasn’t culminated with a shiny new Street Fighter announcement, Sony’s primary European PlayStation 4 television campaign is still pretty cool. Running with the company’s #4ThePlayers tagline, the spot takes you on a tour through the PlayStation Nation – and as with previous SCEE campaigns, it’s absolutely brimming with Easter Eggs for you to uncover.

We really like the style of this spot, and the production values are impressive – however, we’re not so keen on the shouting towards the end. Nevertheless, it’s a swish commercial, which manages to combine the ethos of the next generation console with some cleverly implemented gameplay footage. As already alluded, it’s the subtle references that really make it, though – did you spot the Tearaway banner, and the coffee shop from recent inFAMOUS: Second Son trailers? Well, we suppose that it is for the players, after all.