"I'm still here, y'know?"

Tearaway is a killer-app. The imminent Media Molecule papercraft platformer may have got lost in the shuffle of the next generation excitement, but the PlayStation Vita exclusive is shaping up to be one of the system’s best games. Fortunately, the platform holder does intend to promote the title on television, with this awesome live-action advertisement.

“The spot was filmed over two days in a studio in South Africa and includes a marvellous combination of computer graphics, live action, puppet wizardry, and – of course – papercraft,” explained product manager Alex Moyet on the PlayStation Blog. “The set building team painstakingly crafted a stunning miniature paper set inspired by the world of Tearaway, including the snowy peaks of Gibbet Hill and the lush verdure of Valleyfold.”

Clearly the commercial is pointed at younger children, but that’s definitely the best demographic for the uber-cutesy adventure. It doesn’t mean that big kids won’t enjoy the creative excursion, though, as our recent preview evidenced. Check out the video embedded below, and look out for a full review in the relatively near future.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]