Saints Row IV: Enter The Dominatrix 1

Since Saints Row: The Third, Volition's franchise has built itself up as the stupidest open world game available, constantly breaking the fourth wall, jamming popular culture references into just about every line of dialogue, and generally just being very, very self aware. Saints Row IV's first mission-based DLC comes in the form of Enter the Dominatrix, the name of which should be enough to convince you that the developer's vision isn't changing course any time soon.

Like the title that spawned it, this slice of content is largely built upon humour. For those out of the loop, Saints Row IV started life as Enter the Dominatrix – an expansion to Saints Row: The Third – but after publisher THQ's decline, the project was scrapped and then reborn as the latest entry in the series. Right from the start, the DLC makes fun of its very inception, and is told through interviews with the main cast, all of whom have varying views regarding the concept.

Saints Row IV: Enter The Dominatrix 2

It's a fun premise, and seeing the franchise's main players gabbing about how bad the content's plot is makes for some deliciously tongue-in-cheek moments. It's unfortunate, however, that the DLC's gameplay doesn't tie into the narrative very well at all – in fact, there's a jarring contrast between the two. The story light-heartedly pokes fun at poor game design, taking jabs at escort missions and waves of enemies – and then it drops you into gameplay scenarios which comprise exactly that. It's clearly meant to be ridiculing itself, but humour doesn't excuse incredibly tired and generic design.

Thankfully, you aren't locked out of using your powers during these situations like many of the main title's plot-advancing quests, so you're free to tackle the hordes of leather-clad sex slaves however you see fit, which is undeniably enjoyable. That said, the leader of these virtual crazies herself is a pushover because of this. You'll be brawling with her numerous times over the course of this relatively short DLC, and each time, you'll be taking her out with just a few head shots after freezing her solid with an ice blast, making these supposedly grand encounters feel extremely anticlimactic.

Saints Row IV: Enter The Dominatrix 3

It's also a bit frustrating to see that the content is full of reused assets, from the character models of those returning from the third game, to the devastating vehicles that you'll gain access to upon completing the DLC. Ultimately, the Saints' latest escapade feels somewhat hollow and cheap because of this.

Overall, Enter the Dominatrix feels like a missed opportunity. There's nothing here that you haven't done already, except that you'll be flinging fetishists around as opposed to aliens. There's still some fun to be had thanks to the ever-satisfying array of powers at your disposal, and the narrative does feature some genuine moments of hilarity – but for the asking price, comedy alone won't quite cut it for anyone besides the Saints' biggest fans.

Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix is available now for £5.99/$6.99. Have you kept your oversized sex toy out in preparation for this add-on pack, or have you had enough of Volition's silly series for now? Give us the finger in the comments section below.