Forever friends

There’s no doubt that Remote Play is one of the selling points of the PlayStation 4. The Gaikai-powered functionality will allow you to stream virtually all of your next generation titles directly to the PlayStation Vita, and play them in bed, on the toilet, or anywhere else that you desire. But the functionality is capable of much more than that.

Sony showed a new demo for the second screen technology at the Brazil Game Show overnight, which revolved around a co-op session using both the PS4 and Vita. Playing upcoming launch title Knack, the platform holder demonstrated onstage how you’ll be able to employ different devices to engage in local co-op in the game.

Given that the multiplayer in Japan Studio’s impending launch title doesn’t require two different camera perspectives, we’re guessing that this is quite a simple thing to do here. Still, it would be nice if future split-screen releases allowed you to stream one image to the Vita, as that would prevent you from having to squint at tiny boxes on the television.