"I'm spinning around"

This may be the first generation ever where you can purchase games for an unreleased system on its predecessor. Sony kickstarted digital PlayStation 4 pre-orders in North America overnight – and you can fulfil the required transactions via your existing PlayStation 3. That’s a pretty novel feature, isn’t it?

Current options include Knack and Warframe – though the latter is a free-to-play game, so we’re not quite sure why that’s been made available so early. Regardless, with the console now less than a month away, it’s pretty exciting to see next generation releases adorning the home screen of the PlayStation Store.

Judging by a Tweet from the PlayStation account, it sounds like the platform holder will be rolling these pre-orders out on a weekly basis through until launch. Are you planning to purchase any of your PS4 games digitally? Which titles are you hoping to nab? Drop us a deposit in the comments section below.

[source blog.us.playstation.com, via twitter.com]