Pass the parcel

Sadly, we’re not blessed with the comic timing of Sony executives Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes, so our PlayStation 4 game sharing update is going to be a little more straight faced than the double act’s hilarious Xbox One troll from earlier in the year. Still, we come bearing new information, so hopefully you can forgive us for the formalities.

As part of a page on its official website, the platform holder has reiterated that you’ll be able to share and sell retail games as you please. However, there are some very minor – but fair – limitations on PlayStation Network titles, so pay attention, because much like today’s Friends List update, this does get complicated.

In short, you’ll be able to activate a ‘primary’ system, which will allow any account on the console to access digital games and “certain” PlayStation Plus benefits without restrictions. You’ll also be able to enjoy these perks on another machine, but you’ll need to be logged into the original account that made the corresponding transactions to do so.

There are no limitations to the number of systems that you can store your login information on, but you’ll only be able to sign in to two unique platforms concurrently. You can activate and deactivate your ‘primary’ console if you need to do so, which will obviously change which people have access to your purchased content.

So, to recap: you’ll be able to access all of your goodies – irrespective of user – from your main system, while you’ll need to be logged in to the appropriate account in order to access your games and PlayStation Plus benefits on an alternative machine. We’re glad that we didn’t have to come up with these policies – they get complicated, don’t they?