The Order: 1886 - 1

Despite being announced several months ago, we still haven’t really seen much of upcoming PlayStation 4 gloom-‘em-up The Order: 1886. Revealed way back at E3 in June, the release has been subject to platform holder Sony’s newly discovered caginess, which has resulted in virtually the entirety of its next generation portfolio being kept under wraps.

Fortunately, the fine folks over at Game Informer managed to step into a time machine and spend a few fleeting moments in Ready at Dawn’s picturesque re-imagining of Victorian London. As part of an ongoing cover story, the publication has managed to lay its lace mitts on a handful of exclusive screenshots, showcasing the macabre excursion’s moody aesthetic.

The game’s clearly still early, but some of the lighting and environmental detail is astounding. We’re particularly impressed with the cloth physics in some of the images, as it bends and wraps itself around objects depending on what the character’s doing. Is this title on your antique compass, or would you rather rip it from the release schedule like an era-appropriate serial killer? Light a candle in the comments section below.

The Order: 1886 - 2