Surge Deluxe

We’re not quite sure where the folks over at FuturLab get their energy, but we’d love to add a little drop of whatever it is that the studio’s supping to our tea. Not content with the upcoming shoot-‘em-up sequel Velocity 2X, the Brighton-based indie is also hard at work on Surge Deluxe – a native PlayStation Vita version of its woefully underrated PlayStation Mobile release.

For those unfamiliar with the original game, it’s an alarmingly innovative match three puzzler that sees you linking chains of coloured bricks by drawing lines between them. It sounds simple, but it’s ridiculously satisfying once you start playing. With the new version, the award-winning developer’s gone right back to basics, tuning the gameplay to make it more gratifying than ever before.

The tweaks get a little bit technical, but you can peruse the full roster of improvements over on the PlayStation Blog. If you’re in a rush, though, know that the scoring system’s been overhauled in order to reward more skilful players, while a couple of new blocks have been included to enhance the action. Furthermore, a pattern system has been implemented to allow colour blind players to enjoy the game.

Perhaps the best news, though – outside of the inevitable integration of Trophies and online leaderboards – is that Killzone composer Joris de Man has been recruited to produce a stellar electro soundtrack for the title. Judging by this eight minute snippet that the team’s released, you’re going to want to play this one with headphones on.

The developer’s aiming to connect the title to your Vita in early 2014, which seems like an awful long way away. Still, they do say that good things come to those that wait – and you could always buy the PlayStation Mobile version in the meantime. Has this catapulted straight to the top of your portable wishlist? Scribble a few coloured lines in the comments section below.