Royal blue

Toss aside your favourite corn-on-the-cob dynamic theme, as the PlayStation 4 will not allow you to customise console’s hub screen out of the box. Sony Worldwide Studios president – and pillar of online knowledge – Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the tidbit on Twitter, responding to a couple of fan requests in his famously direct manner.

“On the PS4, can you use any picture as your wallpaper?” asked one inquisitive user. “No,” replied the likeable executive. “Can we change our backgrounds on the PS4?” quizzed another curious consumer. “No,” responded the high-ranking tower of knowledge once again. It’s not yet clear whether you’ll be able to change the interface’s colour, but it seems likely.

To be honest, we reckon that this is all functionality that will get patched in somewhere down the line. After all, the platform holder’s current generation console lacked dynamic themes at launch, but they were added after a couple of years. Like avatars, we doubt that these are making much money in the PlayStation Store – but they're probably pulling in enough for the feature, alongside custom wallpapers, to be on a firmware team’s checklist.

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