Beyond: Two Souls

Considering director David Cage’s penchant for the odd shower scene, it was always inevitable that someone figured out how to strip Beyond: Two Souls protagonist Jodie Holmes down to her birthday suit. While the recent release's customary cleaning sequence is tastefully handled in the main campaign, one debug-owning video game voyeur managed to manipulate the title’s camera – and get a good look at actress Ellen Page’s digital assets in the process.

Now it seems that platform holder Sony’s sending out notices to sites that hosted the images in an effort to clamp down on the leaked shots. Eskimo Press claims that it was contacted by SCEE earlier today, and told to remove the pictures from its website. It states that it never actually hosted the saucy snaps, but instead posted a link to them – which it has now deleted.

This isn’t the first time that a nudity glitch has landed developer Quantic Dream in hot water, as the retail version of Heavy Rain actually shipped with a bug that allowed you to play as one of its main characters in an exposed state. Of course, the big difference here is that the studio’s now working with Hollywood talent, who may not take too kindly to images of their undressed alter egos being passed around the Internet...