NASCAR '14 will be tearing up the tracks on the PlayStation 3 in early 2014, publisher Deep Silver has announced. Developed by Eutechnyx – who previously worked with the publisher on Ride to Hell: Retribution – the aforementioned game will come complete with new features, and promises to offer the ultimate racing experience.

Fans of the popular sporting event in the US will recognise the official teams and tracks. NASCAR Highlights places you behind the wheel and allows you to relive the "biggest thrills" from the season, with the developer recreating notable scenarios with identical cars, weather conditions, and track positions. Career Mode puts you in complete control of building custom cars and putting in the effort to gain sponsorship for upcoming races. Meanwhile, you'll be able to get competitive and speed to victory with online multiplayer, which matches you up with similarly skilled opponents.

A release date for NASCAR 14 has yet to be confirmed, however a price tag of $49.99 has been slapped on the upcoming stock car sim. An official trailer is yet to navigate its way to us, but don't let that stop you from letting us know if you'll be racing to the store to pick up a copy when it hits the starting grid.