Da ba dee da ba die

The positioning of goods in retail stores has always fascinated us. There’s a psychology behind the way that are products are presented, and it looks like Sony’s aiming to obtain a very strong reaction with the PlayStation 4. Posting on its Facebook page earlier today, the German arm of SCEE revealed an image of a demo pod for its next generation console – and the word ‘snazzy’ doesn’t do it justice.

Adopting the system’s iconic blue branding, the stand includes a transparent box to showcase the hardware itself, in addition to two tethered DualShock 4 controllers that potential consumers will be able fondle. Elsewhere, there’s a high-definition display which will run demos and trailers, as well as written information on the product itself and an illuminated logo.

We reckon that the game art at the base of the pod is a really nice touch, while the whole setup looks ridiculously inviting. Importantly, it also matches with the equally sophisticated shop fittings that we reported on earlier in the year. It seems that the platform holder doesn’t just want to reinvigorate gaming – it also wants to give your local store a bit of a facelift.

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