Demon Gaze

As part of a flurry of announcements earlier today, niche publisher NIS America has confirmed that European gamers will be able to point their pernicious peepers at Demon Gaze in early 2014. The dungeon crawler – which deployed in Japan in January – sees you assume the role Oz, a brave adventurer with the ability to seal monsters using a magic eye.

In addition to vibrant high-definition artwork, the title also promises a customisable party creation system, which will allow you to devise a ragtag band of followers from five different races, as well as a quirky touchscreen navigation tool that will enable you to speed through previously explored dungeons using a daring digit.

There isn’t a specific release date attached to the title just yet, but North American gamers should rest easy in the knowledge that the fantastical excursion will embark on an adventure alongside its European companion early next year. Is this one that you’re willing to keep your eyes on in the lead up to release? Shoot us a sharp glance in the comments section below.