PlayStation 4

The expiration of Battlefield 4’s next generation review embargo has revealed a few tasty morsels regarding the state of the PlayStation 4 today, but we figured that you may like to wash it all down with a brief glimpse at the next generation console’s user interface in action. The fine folks over at CVG have posted a video of a debug device loading the first-person shooter out of the system’s hub screen.

There are a few things worthy of note. Firstly, the game takes around 30 seconds to load, which is sure to be optimised even further as we rapidly approach the military excursion’s final retail release. Secondly, the new console's dashboard features a really pleasant ambient soundscape, which is going to make those long nights spent rummaging through your virtual Trophy cabinet all the more relaxing.

What do you think of the PS4’s main menu now that it’s more or less reached its final guise? Do you like the Brian Eno-esque sound effects? Push our buttons in the comments section below.