Super Exploding Zoo

Frobisher Says developer Honeyslug is set to continue its relationship with Sony beyond the imminent Hohokum, as it’s announced that the delightfully daft Super Exploding Zoo is set to burst onto the PlayStation 4 and Vita next year. The game – as its name so effortlessly illustrates – sees you rounding up an array of volatile animals and using them to fend off invading forces from a foreign planet.

The carnage will occur across 80 different levels, though there will be further randomly-generated stages available if you devour all of the pre-packaged arenas. A multiplayer mode promises to keep you hooked, with cross-play pledged between the PS4 and Vita.

“Honeyslug is a much loved developer within PlayStation,” said Sony's indie hero Shahid Ahmad. “We’ve enjoyed a wonderful journey with them over the years. I'm excited about working with them again to bring the awesomely cute Super Exploding Zoo to the PS4 and Vita.”

There’s more information available on the game’s official website. In addition, if you’re attending the Eurogamer Expo in London this weekend, it will be playable at the Sony booth. You’ll find us first in line – believe it or not, we’ve always wanted to throw an exploding elephant at an extraterrestrial or two. Honeyslug must have read our mind.

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