Red Riding Hood

How does creator Keiji Inafune intend to improve upon the already excellent PlayStation Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice? Why, by creating monsters based upon characters from Grimm’s famous fairy tales, of course. Sony has confirmed that stars such as Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, the Three Little Pigs, and Snow White will all put in an appearance in the upcoming Soul Sacrifice Delta – though we’re not expecting any of them to be quite as savoury as their kids cartoon counterparts.

For those that missed the announcement last week, Soul Sacrifice Delta is a revised re-release of Sony’s popular Monster Hunter-inspired handheld action game. In addition to the aforementioned fictional foes, the title will also boast new spells and a neutral force that will bring a third option to the traditional save or slaughter mechanics. Are there any other fairy tale characters that you’d like to see added to the series? Recite your thoughts in the comments section below.