Grand Theft Auto Online

If you need to rob a bus to roll with your inflated crew, then you may be over the moon to learn that Grand Theft Auto Online could support up to 32 players rather than the confirmed 16 players. Cinemablend reports – courtesy of leaked game code – that the title will allow you to posse up with more buddies than expected, though we recommend waiting on Rockstar Games’ official word before putting out a search for more gang members.

The publication also claims that there are references to ‘Orbis’ within the game code, which was the alias for the PlayStation 4 before it was officially announced. Is there a next generation version on the way? You can probably bet your BAWSAQ stocks that a prettier instalment will deploy in the future. Nevertheless, take all of this with a pinch of crushed paracetamol for the time being. In honesty, we have a hard time believing that the developer has doubled the game’s announced online player count, but you never know...

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